The Evilings family is a family that lives in the underworld. Alex Evilings and Rebecca Evilings had once lived together, until Alex left them behind in fear due to the fact that he was unaware that Rebecca was a demon and had found out. Now, the family consists of Rebecca Evilings, Cynthia "Sin" Evilings and Lizzy Evilings

Rebecca EvilingsEdit


Rebecca Evilings is Lizzy and Cynthia's mother. Although very beautiful and kind(depending on what you consider to be so), she can inflict pain on anyone who attempts to hurt her or her loved ones. She is very overprotective of her children (Making sure they would not leave the underworld unless for important reasons, making Evileen keep an eye on Lizzy) and despises humans because of her ex-husband, Alex Jonathan. She keeps an eye on Lizzy's human friends and wishes that Lizzy could open her eyes and realize that "Humans are monsters too."

Cynthia "Sin" EvilingsEdit

Sincute Sinevil

Cynthia is Lizzy's sister and Rebecca's daughter. She has a both a sweet and evil side and dislikes humans as much as her mother. Often seen causing mischief, she tends to hurt others both physically and emotionally, even when she doesn't intend to. She loves her sister, but hates how much of a goody-two-shoes she is and wishes she could join her in her trouble causing ways. She hates her father for what he did but looks up to Mark and is often joining him with his crazy schemes.

Lizzy EvilingsEdit


Lizzy is Cynthia's sister and Rebecca and Alex's daughter. Unlike her family, she is friendly. She often sneaks out of the underworld without permission if she is grounded and likes doing anything that is considered fun, much to her mother's disapproval. She wishes to be a normal teen, despite being half-demon/human. She can remember her father and doesn't despise him, but wishes to talk to him.

Sabrina EvilingsEdit

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Oda EvilingsEdit

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